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Brown Rice – Best Foods to Boost Your Stamina

Brown Rice stamina, so that you don’t compromise on fitness.

Although carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body, not all carbs are good. For better stamina, you need to increase your intake of complex carbs. They are known to release energy slowly into the blood, ensuring optimal energy levels through the day.  Brown rice fits the bill perfectly. A great source of complex carbs, it is also rich in fibre and Vitamin B complex. Unlike white rice, brown rice has less starch, making it easier to digest. In other words, your belly will feel full for longer, giving you energy to brave the day.

brown rice

An essential nutrient for the growth and Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body.

How to Cook Brown Rice:

Brown rice can be cooked both by pot and by pressure. By that I mean the pressure cooker of course and your regular cooking pan. Whichever way you choose, you will have to soak the grains before – I try and get in a good overnight soak, but you can soak them for just a few hours or even just an hour (but in boiling hot water).
1. By PressureLet’s start with the pressure cooker. I use about two or two and a half cups of water for one cup of brown rice, but you can use up to half a cup more if you want the rice to be a little mushier. I like mine a little al dente, I guess. Let the whistle blow about seven times, making sure to keep the cooker on medium heat. Once that is done, I let the steam escape and allow the rice to sit inside the cooker for a few minutes with the flame turned off. Once I open the cooker lid, I fluff out the rice with a fork et finis!
pressure cooker
2. By PotSo famous is brown rice that it has made it to Hollywood’s inner circle i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website. GOOP recommends adding only one and three fourth cups of water to a cup of rice, turning the heat up so that the water starts bubbling and boiling, then reducing heat and cooking for 45 minutes in a vessel with a lid on top. Alternatively, you can simmer until all the water has been absorbed.
boiling rice
3. Cook It Like PastaThere is another interesting way though – cooking the brown rice the way you would cook pasta. I read about this on Epicurious, but I have never yet tried it. You take your one cup of rice and rinse it under running water. Meanwhile, throw twelve (yes, twelve) cups of water into a large pot and bring to the boil. Throw in the rinsed rice and let it boil, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Then discard the water, letting the rice drain through a strainer for 10 minutes or so. Then, and this is the crucial final step, put the rice back into the hot pot that you used for cooking it, cover with a lid and allow it to rest for 10 minutes, cooking very gently in its own heat. This allows the rice to become fluffier and less dense. Once this is done, season the rice with salt and you are done!

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