Chicken Quinoa Salad – How To Cook?

Meet your new chicken salad crush.

Just made this for lunch and YUM. So easy but packed with flavor!!! Used marinated artichokes and Newman’s Greek dressing.

It’s a tasty one, full of happy little grape tomatoes and shredded bits of artichoke, all snuggled in nicely between bites of tender chicken and fresh spinach, with quinoa and a yummy Greek-style vinaigrette clinging to all the little salady spaces in between.

What You’ll Need To Make This chicken Salad

The ingredient list is going to make all of us SOS-ers feel very good:

  • rotisserie chicken
  • grape tomatoes
  • artichokes (canned or jarred! easy)
  • spinach
  • pre-cooked quinoa
  • store-bought dressing

Now that I’ve got your salad wheels spinning, I would like to also tell you the other important thing which is that – surprise! – you can actually pick and choose whatever you like because, in addition to freshness and crunch and tang, versatility might be the very greatest thing about salads.

Swap In Whatever You’d Like Here

Substitutions that might make you happy:

  • use chickpeas instead of chicken
  • use a different grain, or cook your own
  • use a different dressing – something lemony, herby, more or less sweet, whatever you like
  • add capers for extra briney-ness
  • add roasted vegetables of any sort – sweet potato, bell peppers, zucchini
  • add cheese
  • add nuts or seeds
Dressing being poured on chicken quinoa salad

The world is your salad!

Whether you go my direction with the quinoa / chicken / artichokes / Greek dressing, or go your own way with a spin-off of this combination, you will be eating well.

Beautiful, colorful, flavorful, nutritious, family-friendly, and everything good that your SOS spring + summer heart could ever want.

Chicken quinoa salad in a bowl with a fork

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